oxylife splitters

Our splitters are intended to allow multiple patients to receive individually adjusted flow rates from a single source of oxygen. They can be used in low- and middle-income countries by a wide variety of clinicians , including nurses, clinical officers, and paediatricians.

Our splitters include the 3-way and 5-way oxylife splitters which are designed mainly for children and adults respectively. The 3-way splitter has 3 outputs while the 5-way splitter has 5 outputs, with a flow rate going upto 2L/min and 10L/min respectively.

phototherapy eyeshields

Our Phototherapy eyeshields provide exceptional eye protection for neonates during phototherapy. They block all harmful light to the eyes while allowing good light to penetrate the head and eliminate all the inconviniences of improved protectors.

Our phototherapy eyeshields offer several benefits such as more effective protection during exposure, does not damage the baby’s skin, is low cost and easy to use.