what we do

At Shishi International, reducing maternal and neonatal mortality in Africa by 40% by increasing access to quality and affordable Lifesaving equipment is our mission. With the ugly realities of unavailable lifesaving equipment like oxygen concentrators, oxygen splitters, baby warmers and consumables in most hospitals, we as a team decided to come up with a way of making most of these equipment accessible to these hospitals and health centers by making our own affordable equipment. Our equipment are made from locally available materials which can be found any where in Africa. for now, the available equipment are mainly the oxygen splitters and phototherapy eyeshields but more equipment will soon be available on the market.

We base in Uganda and most of our products can be found in Uganda. Despite the global efforts to reduce child mortality, each year in Uganda 141000 children die before reaching their 5th birthday and 26% of these die before their first month of life. With oxygen being one of the most important therapies needed for their survival, its availability and accessibility needs to be made possible and easier to ensure that these deaths go down. 

Our OxyLife splitters are therefore affordable, easy to use, service and maintain and can be attached to any available oxygen source in the hospitals and healthy centres

our vision

To build the best customized medical devices and consumables used for Neonatal and Maternal care for Africa in Africa and inspire and spur youth employment.

our goal

To rb st Maternal and child mortality in Uganda through the provision of quality and affordable Life-saving medical equipment and consumables.