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about us

 Shishi International is on a mission to reduce Maternal and Neonatal mortality in Africa by 40% by increasing access to quality and affordable lifesaving equipment. We aim at making devices and consumables radically affordable by health centers and hospitals in Uganda.

Vision: to build the best customised medical equipment and consumables used for maternal and neonatal care for Africa in Africa so as to inspire and spur youth employment.

our products

oxygen splitters 4

oxylife oxygen splitters

The Shishi OxyLife splitters can be attached to any available oxygen sources like cylinders already existing in hospitals. They are easy to use and come with a user manual in English.


phototherapy eyeshields

Our locally designed and made phototherapy eyeshields protect babies' eyes during phototherapy and prevent the spread of infection from using other pieces of cloth.
We continuouly improve our designs to ensure optimum comfort and protection for our patients during phototherapy treatment.

our projects

repair and maintenance

We offer continued supply of spare parts and monitor and service all our equipment. We also offer training to our customers on use of our devices and also provide employment to all Ugandan professionals

our team

Bagayana Sheillah M
Team Lead
Baguma K Douglas
Business Lead
Mulerwa Martha
Medical Device Development

We guarantee you the best and most durable medical equipment. Make us your one-stop shop today and we will make the difference.

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